The Ultimate Verification of Data

Doc2Data sources the latest OCR, IMR, search engines. We have developed our own standalone software to ensure quality data extraction.

Doc2Data offers clients a far high accuracy on data extraction therefore less exception handling for the end user. We will process your large volumes of paper without using templates, saving you set-up time and expense.

Using leading-edge recognition technology, along with trained staff that understands all aspects of data conversion, we are able to capture and convert both typed and handwritten text into search-friendly, digital information.

Doc2Data achieves higher accuracy than human input from extracted data using in-house resources developed by our own IT team. Our systems provide the ultimate verification of data.


Workflow and GL Coding

Doc2Data offers workflow around GL Coding, a clever and powerful management tool that is achieved through hosting your invoices. Invoices are routed to the appropriate personnel authorised to assign the GL Code. Approved invoices are quickly and easily uploaded into your accounting system.


  • alt Accurate
  • alt Secure
  • alt Accessable
  • alt Search Friendly


Latest OCR, IMR, search engines
99.9% accuracy on data extraction
Capture and convert into search-friendly, digital information