Boost Productivity with Secure Cloud Access

These days, business spans the globe and extends to all time zones, and major players are often moving. No one should be surprised that the big AP delays are frequently the result of late approvals and cause missed discounts or fees for late payments.

With Doc2Data Cloud Access you get the crucial features of the process of invoice handling extended to your smartphone or tablet device. That means many jobs are now able to be handled quite easily while you're on the move.

Key Cloud Tasks

Approvals and queries are processed more quickly when invoice processing functions are included in mobile devices. It is possible to view the history, header data, coding detail and, on the majority of mobile operating systems, images of invoices.

It is possible to complete many tasks simply and conveniently:

  • Approve/look over/forward
  • Add commentary with actions
  • Choose workflow recipient

Doc2Data Cloud Benefits

There are many important benefits available when mobile access is enabled:

  • Elimination of approval bottlenecks when there is 'round the clock, on-the-go access
  • Invoice details are fully visible when using mobile devices
  • It is possible to disseminate relevant information and news
  • Spending within the organization is continually kept under control