Cloud Invoice Processing for Business

Just about every company in the world is challenged by complexity. It involves just about everything about the way you deal with other businesses. It slows you down, restricts your control, and is expensive.

Businesses these days are overwhelmed by paperwork, whether that be statements, purchase orders, invoices, credit histories, remittances, and so on seemingly forever. Just concentrating on invoices, we'd see that more than 150 billion of them are issued globally each year. If you added them all up, you'd be coming close to two billion documents being handled in just one single work day.

However, change isn't easy, it involves installing costly legacy and departmental systems. Your suppliers and customer markets are more globalised every day. Together it all means a confusing amount of complexity to deal with.

We are here to assist you

With Doc2Data Cloud Invoicing Solutions, you get an available, safe ecosystem to allow you to do collaborative business without any of the complexity of other systems. It streamlines your processing of purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash, enhances your relationships with suppliers, upgrades your customer support, and gives an amazing boost to your financial performance. And it can be seamlessly integrated with the accounting systems you already have established, so that all the advantages and none of the risks come to you.

You can choose a solution that is on-site or one that is hosted or some combination of the two. Select from option packages, or let us customise an offering that will meet your own specific needs. Plus our professional staff is right there if you need them to assist you in rapidly realizing value.

Business Advantages

  • Immediate elimination of paper results in dramatic increases in efficiency
  • Working capital and cash are more visible and forecasting is improved
  • Risk management and cost control can be measured
  • Payments can be timed to receive discounts
  • Forging of customer relationships that are improved and deeper
  • Ability to collaborate in real-time with trading partners
  • Decreased impact on the environment