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Document Scanning


Need Hi - Speed document scanning or Wide Format plan scanning?

Time to back up your files and digitise your hard copies?

Join the paperless revolution, with Doc2Data!

Your scanning needs will be handled with care and precision. Our state-of-art high-speed A4-A3 document scanners boast scanning speeds of 60 pages per minute.

All of our Scanners are capable of capturing Colour, B/W, Greyscale.

A2/A1/A0 Wide Format.

Output Formats: PDF, TIFF, JPEG.

Save Time and Money


Need an on-site scanning solution?

No worries, our professional team will set up on your premises using our equipment to process your project!

Forget complicated indexing - save time and money with our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system. Your documents are search friendly and easily retrieved, any time, anywhere.

Doc2Data provides quick, easy, cost-effective scanning solutions. Our dedicated scanning bureau provide a range of services that cover all aspects of document scanning.

Large Format Scanning

Many companies may find it challenging to store and maintain large format paper drawings and plans - Doc2Data can provide a solution. Our large format scanning service will digitise any cumbersome documents up to a paper size of A0, saving you the hassle of storage space and handling.

Doc2Data specialises in providing security conscious, cost effective and accurate scanning of all large format drawings and plans. They can be as small as a postage stamp or up to A0 paper size, and they may be in colour, black and white and/or grey scale.

Doc2Data can digitize your formats, this frees up office space in which these large formats are normally stored and reduces retrieval time for your staff.

Doc2Data scans large documents to CD, DVD and flashdrives, and we can even distribute them over your existing network. If you require, any authorized user in any location can log in and access documents. It is also possible for authorized employees to use email to access any document during the scanning process. This is a huge advantage for site workers, they will be able to retrieve and view any relevant information regardless of their location.

Digital formats are scanned to the highest specifications by Doc2Data. Strict procedures are in place to rigorously oversee and check every stage of the scanning process to ensure every scan produces a quality electronic document.